Herbal Pain Relief Spray 


Nu-Yu  helps manage pain from synovits associated with the 93% of patients demonstrating abnormality under MRI or X-ray within the first 2 years post disease onset.

Early intervention can arrest their advancement of the disease and help to eliminate the need for expensive and painful joint replacements. Nu-Yu can help manage the pain and help with many of the listed symptoms below.

With arthritis the pathophysiology includes cytokines or the action of one cell driving another so the cells change and react causing inflammation. It is this inflammation that Nu-Yu treats. The new therapeutic drugs now available attempt to block these cytokines and thus arrest the development/advancement of the disease.

Treatments can cost upwards of $1,200. Per month but in some cases can be had for free should you become part of a clinical trial. Nu-Yu costs under $30 and one purchase can last over one month. New medications (Remicade, et cetera) are led by new protein “DEMARDS” that are biologic agents. They are often administered in combination with other drugs and may successfully be used with a topical treatment like Nu-Yu for pain management. Nu-Yu does not have any of the serious side effects that may be present with other injected drugs. Nu-Yu is administered instantly versus any IV administered medications taking 1-2 hours.


There are over 100 types of Arthritis, most treatable today.
The first symptoms are usually;
-Stiffness, moderate to acute
-Fatigue in the patient is also common for sufferers
-Depression due to the constant pain
-Functional: work, psychosocial, physical, emotional, co morbid conditions can be  
 Influenced by Nu-Yu, thus helping you to manage your disability!!!!!!!

Nu-Yu helps manage pain in ways that oral medications can’t as it directly addresses the inflammation of the area in question and relieves pain thus lessening the side effects of the disease from inflammation to depression, pain, stiffness, swelling and depression form the chronic pain associated with any of the 100 types of arthritis!

Chronic symptoms/conditions may include these irreversible characteristics;
-Gross deformity of digits, advancing deformity over time
-Erosion of joints as evident under MRI or X-ray
-Inflammation of the senovial fluid
-Bone rubbing against bone and extreme pain, “bites” coming off joint capsules
-Bone erosion
-Snapped tendons
-Problems with other organs; eye, bone marrow, nerve, heart, lung - associated troubles.

Nu-Yu helps relieve the pain from swelling at any of these stages.

Warning: Nu-Yu is a $30.00 efficacious but temporary pain treatment and those with serious conditions should consult a physician or member of the “American College of Rheumatology” as today new treatments exist that can arrest the advancement of this seriously disabling disease, even though it’s causes remain unknown to science. In any case it is usually manifest by the senovium between joints into a mass at a constantly worsening rate. In some cases a ‘rapid onset’ occurs, but for most it worsens over time.
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