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Terry Johnson, 
Retired MD Kansas City, Missouri (63)
After knee surgery I was in a great deal of pain. My associate referred me to Nu-Yu and after my first application my flexibility and range of motion has increased with little or no discomfort. I have referred Nu-Yu to many of my friends for homeopathic pain relief. You have developed a fine product.


Eghard Vellimer, 
Munich Germany (61)

I would like to commend your company  Pharma-Tropic on your extraordinary product. You have my vote of confidence since Nu-Yu really works. I especially like the cool feeling I get after spraying my back. I have and will continue to refer this product to all of my friends.

John (78)& Judy Messner,
Scottsdale, Arizona

John was in pain just about every day especially after increased activity and we tried every pain relief product on the shelf with little or no success until our friend recommended Nu-Yu. Within 15 minutes after spraying Johnís arthritic hands his pain was gone and flexibility was increased.  Thanks. Just as the name implies, Nu-Yu gave John and our relationship a new beginning.

Mary OíReilly,
Dublin, Ireland, (71)

I used to be more active until three years ago my fibro-myalgia pain kept getting worse and I was not able to do the exercise regiment I was used to. The first time I tried Nu-Yu I was skeptical but two years later I still carry one in my car and one in my gym bag. Itís good to be back!

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