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Q: Is Nu-Yu safe for children?
A: Yes….However, do not use on children under the age of eight years old since dose amounts cannot be regulated accurately. There are no harmful ingredients and we have heard of children involved in sports using
Nu-Yu to stop inflammation after sprains or bruises as long as there are no open wounds or cuts.

Q: Are there any precautions regarding Nu-Yu?
A: Yes… Nu-Yu is a strong topical herbal pain relief spray and should not be sprayed into the mouth, eyes, ears, cuts or open wounds. Nu-Yu is not intended to be a substitute for medical care.

How much Nu-Yu should I first apply?
A: We recommend that you try one or two sprays into the area of pain after washing with soap, water and drying. Wait ½ hour and you should have an accurate idea of how much Nu-Yu you will need for each pain relief application.
Q: Does Nu-Yu have any reported side effects?
A: No…
Nu-Yu has been scientifically formulated using all-natural ingredients including botanical extracts that come from plants and trees from the tropical rain forest and contains no Methyl-Salicylates.

Can Nu-Yu be used together with pain relief drugs?
A: Yes… if you are using a pain relief medication we encourage the use of Nu-Yu together with your prescribed medication since some of our customers have reported that their medications have high and low periods of pain relief, especially in the morning.

Q: Generally how long will pain relief last?
A: 2-5 hours normally depending on the severity of the pain. Some of our customers have reported up to a full day and longer. Results may vary depending on application.

Q: How long does it take for the pain relief to take effect after spraying Nu-Yu?
A: Normally within ten to fifteen minutes after application.

Q: Is there any specific application procedure that can be used in order to maximize the affect of
A: Yes…. if time is not of the essence the affected area can be cleaned with soap and water and dried prior to being sprayed. This will remove the skins natural oils and allow a greater degree of penetration. Keep in mind that this procedure will also reduce the application amount needed.

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